The Future of Web Browsers is so Exciting

2 min readAug 12, 2018


From collapsable tabs that close themselves after certain amount of time, or AI algorithm identifying the unused tabs and storing them in an area that may be called Staled Tabs (tabs the browser thinks you don’t need anymore), to Better Search in the History Tab and Performance & Security issues identified and displayed right by the browser in a special area for Website Improvements.

Page load speed metrics

Why do we care so much about a small button that does a little thing in a hidden part of the Developer Tools, and why not create features with much more impact for the billions of users.

Other built in features that I’m thinking would be interesting:

  • Security Alerts with potential issues generated by the browser when you access the page.
  • Dynamic Tab Profiles for different scenarios (Work/Home place scenarios where I need a set of tabs for work/home automatically identified by the browser, without the need to bookmark everything.
  • Optimisation Insights or Easier Way to Performance/Load or Speed Test a Website, straight from the browser:
  • The browser could tell you something like: your website is becoming too slow when 50 people access your website at the same time, from a certain location. Here is what to do to improve your website performance, based on the software stack and maybe hardware used.
  • Customer Support right from the browser, integrated with every website, which will make the experience much easier to report problems to any given website.

Don’t know which will be the next future web browser I’m going to use, but I remember the transition I made from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox and then Google Chrome. The transition went gradually and the best browser will always win. It’s either the speed, accessibility, easiness of use that will make the next browser thrive and be the chosen one.

And the best browser will always win.

There is so much that the browsers can do to improve the overall web experience and how we can access information in a faster and safer way, that I can only be so excited for the future.

Would be very interesting to hear more ideas related to web browsers and where do you think we are heading in the next 5, to 10, to 20 years.

Is this going to be a massive change or just a slight improvement from how we surf the web today? I’m have to hear your thoughts, please share your comments.

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