Cloud JMeter Load Testing at Scale

Load Testing Your Application Using JMeter just got way easier with JMeter Load Testing Cloud tool from LoadFocus.

You can upload your JMeter test scripts and run tests in just a few steps with our new JMeter Cloud Load Testing Tool.

1. How to run a new load test:

  1. Choose from multiple world cloud locations
  2. Set the number of virtual users (threads), duration, ramp up time and ramp up steps that your JMeter test will use
  3. Upload your JMeter test script (.jmx) file and click Execute.

Note: you can also upload a configuration CSV file (.csv) along your JMeter test script.

You can run your JMeter tests in the cloud with 10k+ virtual users (threads) from multiple locations in the world.

It’s takes only few seconds to simulate a 1000 concurrent user load using Apache JMeter tests.

You can start with a simple load or performance test, set the number of virtual users to 10VU, 100VU, 1000VU or even 10,000 VU.

2. Overview: Dashboard with Live Results and Charts

All metrics in one place with the new Overview Dashboard.

The live performance metrics help you get early feedback about how your load test is doing, so you can keep the test running or stop it straight away.

Virtual Users over Response Time Chart

Easily check if your response time increases when you add more Virtual Users to your test.

Hits per second and Errors

You should planning your website and APIs for high concurrency, and you can achieve by understanding how your application behaves using a gradual approach when you run your load tests and performance tests.

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3. Full PDF Reports

Download your test results easily using our Print option, so you can easily share the full results of your load tests with your team and peers.

4. Dynamic Performance Metrics Charts

With our customizable performance metrics charts, it’s simple to add or remove metrics on the chart and understand better the behaviour of the application under test.

5. Apache JMeter Log Files

The original uploaded JMeter (.jmx) file and the JTL results file along with the JMeter.log file are available to download to your environment.

We made it quite easy to run and debug JMeter load tests, start today

Written by Bogdan Vazzolla.