Jenkins is one of the most popular CI/CD open source tools in the market at the moment.

To get a better understand why is it useful to use Jenkins or a CI/CD tool, let’s dive in a brief description to better understand what is Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD).

What is Continuous Integration (CI)?

Continuous integration…

KissFront is a web performance monitoring tool running Lighthouse continuously or on-demand (using Lighthouse as a service) to monitor your website performance and get insights on speed with modern performance metrics.

It uses Lighthouse as a Service to provide regression testing for developers and product people.

Provides five categories of…

Writing UI tests that are resilient and easy maintainable is hard. Everyone knows that UI tests are slow and flaky but using a few best practices can make the job of implementing and maintaining UI tests a little more easier.

Here are some best practices that we found useful:

  1. use the page object model/robot pattern; this makes the tests easier to understand and update
  2. make the tests run independently from one another and still pass; not fulfilling this will make your tests flaky and give weird behaviours on different environments


Cloud Testing Platform

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